Keeping our college students connected to Christ

Going to college can be seen as a rite of passage for some students. It’s a time where youth transition from relying on their parents for many of their wants and needs to becoming more self-sufficient and independent. Students are often concerned with navigating the college environment, in terms of being able to  find a major, keep up with course work, making new friends, getting involved, and looking for ways to gain experience in their chosen field  (amongst other things). However, sometimes students (and parents) are not prepared for some of the challenges and dangers that they may face on college campuses.

Parents often send their kids to college not knowing or understanding what they’ll be exposed to. Though college campuses are generally safe, students are still at risk of being victims of violent crimes; and, the number of violent crimes that take place on college campuses has increased over the years.

Besides worrying about the physical safety of our students, we should also be concerned with whose pouring into our youth and what they’re being taught in and outside of the classroom. For example, students may have professors who are non-believers who may try to impose their views on and influence students. Also, God is becoming more and more taboo on college campuses. Homosexuality is becoming more accepted on college campuses than God. Students need support in order to stay grounded in what they believe.

We have to stand in the GAP for our students and continuously pray for their safety and well-being. The Worship Center’s Campus Connection program is ministry outreach designed to support the children of TWC that are attending college through intercessory prayer. We would also like to use this program model to support the children/family members of TWC who may be incarcerated.

In addition to support through prayer, our TWC family and friends  who physically bring their child’s photo to a TWC service will have their child’s photo, first name , and school attending placed on the TWC website. They will also receive a care package once a semester from the TWC family.  Please note that all personal information will be confidential for the safety of the TWC family.

Please join us in supporting our youth and praying that through it all, they stay connected to Christ.