Lupus Part 3

Praise the Lord, everyone!
In the last two months, we talked about about Lupus, what it is, and the cause. For those who may be experiencing this illness, I pray you are taking care of yourself. This is a very serious illness and needs to be treated as such. This third part will discuss the treatment of Lupus.
Steroids: creams applied directly to the rash that is safe and effective. Low doses in tablets are an option as well. If the doses are too high, you risk problems with your internal organs. You also risk producing side effects that occur when taking high doses of steroids.
Plaquenil: commonly used to help with mild Lupus issues such as skin and joint disease to be kept under control. It’s also used to help treat Lupus flare ups.
Cytoxan: this is a chemotherapy drug that is very powerful in reducing the activity of the immune system.
Imuran: this drug is used in preventing the rejection from organ transplants. This drug is used to treat the more serious symptoms of Lupus.
Rheumatrix: chemotherapy drug used to suppress the immune system. Popular for skin disease, arthritis, and other life threatening forms of the disease that have not responded to medicines such as hydrox cloroquine, or low doses of prednisone.
Benlystra: drug weakens the immune system by targeting a protein that may reduce B cells throught to contribute to Lupus.
Cellcypt: drug that suppresses the immune system, also used to prevent rejection of transplanted organs, and used to treat the increasingly serious symptoms of Lupus.
Ritoxan: biological agent used to treat lymphoma and rheumatoid arthritis. Also used to treat features of Lupus when other therapies don’t work.
Saint of God, whatever your doctor has placed you on to help with the illness, never stop your medicines or asking questions. Be informed, this is your life and health at risk. Be sure to pray and talk to God, you want to live your life at it’s best.
Here are some scriptures to encourage and strengthen you: Jeremiah 29:11-13, Isaiah 50:7(a), Psalms 23, 1 Samuel 30:6(c)
Be blessed