Obesity Part 3

In part one, we discussed what obesity is, and some things that happen when you are obese. In part two, we discussed issues that cause you to gain weight. This final segment will discuss ways to get control over your weight, and ways that are safe to do it so you can live a healthier lifestyle.
One of the most common ways people are losing weight is through weight loss surgery. If you decide this method is for you, consult your physician and they will direct you proper specialist. You can get the procedure with their approval depending on your health issues. There are several types of surgeries your doctor will discuss with you upon approval of having a procedure done. You need to know if you get weight loss surgery, you will lose weight for 18-24 months. At that point in the process, you will gain some back, but not all the initial weight. It depends on how well you manage your food intake when the surgery is over and your journey to living a healthier lifestyle begins. Conditions related to obesity will begin to improve. Type 2 Diabetes can improve as you lose weight. Hypertension can improve, this one might take a little longer though.
Some minor side effects from the surgery include: Nausea, dizziness, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, excessive sweating, and increased gas. Some serious side effects from the surgery include: Bleeding, infection, leaks from the areas containing stitches, and blood clots in the legs (most people don’t get these). Another issue to be aware of is dumping syndrome, this is when the food you eat moves too fast through your small intestines. Gall stones can occur if you lose weight to rapidly.  Your doctor can discuss any other symptoms that can come with this procedure.
Make sure you avoid high sugar foods after the procedure. Bile salts are recommended to take for the first six months after surgery. You also have to make sure you are getting enough nutrients. It’s important that you don’t take your doctor’s instructions and advice lightly.
Another method to lose the weight is through a proper diet and exercise program. Not only will you get healthier, but you will feel better. Get out and go for a walk, jog, or go to the gym, but by all means, you have to do something active. Saints of God, if you plan to use the over-the-counter products just be safe when using those products.
Saints of God, whichever way you decide to lose weight, I have recommendations for you that come straight from the Word of God. Recommendations to be be healthy and live healthy are in His word. The Bible food plate is vegetables (Genesis 1:11), grains (Ezekiel 4:9), fruits (Genesis 1:29), healthy proteins (John 6:11), healthy hydration (Isaiah 44:3), fats (Joel 2:19), dairy (Genesis 18:8)
Saints of God, God wants us to be healthy and when we chose to do so, He will encourage and insire us each step of the way (3 John 1:2)
Be Blessed