Prescription Drug Abuse

Praise the Lord everybody!
There has been an increase lately in prescription drugs becoming addictive. You receive a certain drug for a medical issue prescribed by your doctor for an injury, depression, anxiety, or whatever it might be. What happens when the drug you take becomes the focus of everything in your life? Saints of God, this is happening more and more with those in the family that represent God.
You find yourself having to have it at any cost, even if it means your relationship with God begins to fade and suffer. This addiction affects you, but what about your loved ones? You used to be responsible, on time for everything, dependable, and reliable. Now others around you notice that you are different. You’re moody, edgy, late for everything, and you have a lot of excuses that point elsewhere.
What’s happening is that you could be addicted to your prescription medication. There are 48 million (if not more) people addicted to their medications. What’s even sadder is that a lot of these addictions are of children ages 10 and up.
It is a chronic and often lapsing brain disease. You get compulsive, seeking out the drug especially when you use it all before it’s time for the next refill. You have no care about the consequences and you have to have it no matter the cost. Self control and the ability to make good decisions are affected in the individual. 
Saints of God, this is more of a problem than you realize. Be careful what you place in your temple because everything prescribed by a doctor may not be good for you.
The Wellness Ministry wants you to be healthy and whole. The next article will be a list of drugs and what harm they can cause. If you are dealing with this, know that God has the answer and He is there for you.
Be blessed