Smoking Part 2

Praise the Lord all!
I pray everyone is in good health or wanting to make a change to get healthier. I started the year off writing about the unhealthy habit of smoking. If you are not a smoker, please do not start. In this segment, I want you to read about what is in tobacco that is harmful to your health. 
Saint of God, smoking contains dangerous chemicals. Did you know every puff of a cigarette you take contains 7,000 harmful chemicals? There are 70 chemicals that can cause cancer.
Here are a few major chemicals and where you typically find them:
  • Carbon monoxide: common in car exhaust
  • Lead: used in lead paint
  • Cadium: found in batteries
  • Formaldehyde: used to preserve dead bodies
  • Nicotine: an addictive chemical naturally found in the tobacco plant
  • Menthol cigarettes are also complete with toxic chemicals.
Our temples were not created or designed for this, we were created in God’s image and likeness for worship and fellowship. How can we serve God when we put things in our temple that do not glorify or edify Him and cause more harm than good? There are scriptures to help you kick this habit in the first segment on smoking.
Be Blessed